Summit 2017

Pre-Conference Professional Development Workshop Opportunities

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 | 8:00 AM–2:00 PM

Pre-conference workshop fee includes one workshop and lunch on February 28. This fee does not include Full Conference Pass or hotel accommodations.

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CA-AM (Certificate of Achievement - Alliance Management) Certification Exam Prep Workshop

Registration for this workshop has reached max capacity and is now closed

$1,099 ASAP Members
Note: Bundle price includes Certification Exam and a copy of The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide ($380 value)

Ann Trampas, CSAP
Practice Lead
Phoenix Consulting Group

Do you want to validate and strengthen your alliance management expertise? Increase your alliance IQ and plan to attend this workshop as it explores and reinforces key alliance concepts that are covered in the CA-AM exam.

The knowledge exchange in this interactive professional development workshop will be strengthened by robust group discussion and case scenario analyses. The workshop will provide access to models, tools, and proven best practices that can be rapidly applied into your daily activities creating operating efficiencies that aim to improve results. This course will address the following topics: Alliance Life Cycle Framework, Strategic Rationale and Readiness, Alliance Selection, Alliance Execution, Planning and Organizing Skills, and Management and Leadership Skills.

Each participant will receive The ASAP Handbook of Alliance Management: A Practitioner's Guide—considered "the bible of partnering practice." Also included in the workshop fee is the online exam. The CA-AM prep workshop is a requirement for becoming certified.

"CA-AM training and certification provides a common language and a common set of processes and tools." — Mary Jo Struttmann, CA-AM, Astellas

Alliance Management Workshop: Tools and Techniques

$950 ASAP Members | $1,140 Non-Members

Gary Butkus, CA-AM, RPh
Director of Alliance Management
Eli Lilly and Company

David Thompson, CA-AM
Chief Alliance Officer
Eli Lilly and Company

Eli Lilly and Company is offering a training course for alliance managers. The course is a distillation of Lilly's century of business alliance experience led by two of the most skilled alliance managers in the field. The course will provide case studies, tools, and techniques used to train alliance managers at Lilly. Upon completion of this non-industry-specific course, students will have working knowledge of alliance management, including the start-up, maintenance, and winding down of alliances as well as an understanding of how to get the most value from an alliance.

ASAP would like to thank Eli Lilly and Company and the volunteer instructors for this workshop.

How to Resolve Conflict in Your Alliance

$950 ASAP Members | $1,140 Non-Members

Candido Arreche, CA-AM
Global Director of Portfolio & Partner Management, Six Sigma Black Belt
Xerox Worldwide Alliances

Some type of conflict will always occur during your alliance relationship; and is actually a normal part of any relationship. Conflict is created from differences, both large and small. Typically, conflict will occur whenever people within your alliance disagree over their values, interests, motivations, perceptions, ideas, and/or desires.

During this interactive workshop you will find the answers to the following questions:

  • What's the best way to address conflict to your advantage?
  • How do you handle disagreements?
  • When is the best time to address conflict?
  • How do you overcome emotions during conflict?
  • How does perception affect conflict?
  • What are ways to make conflict an opportunity?

This professional development program was built from a collaboration of best practices and alliance training methods at Xerox. You will benefit by experiencing the proven techniques learned over many years and now practiced at Xerox. The workshop is all "hands-on" leveraging real life exercises in order to help you practice and become a better alliance manager, communicator, negotiator, and influencer; hence, overcoming those conflicting situations that can affect your alliance and timeline.

The model is built on 12 key activities that will provide you strong fundamentals for conflict resolution. Emphasis on communication, relationship building and negotiations are core to this program. This course will provide you a workbook, the tools, and exercises you can take back to your job to utilize immediately. This workshop is suitable for all partnership professionals, no matter what industry or level of expertise. Participants will find that they will not only learn from the program facilitator, but from each other.

Next Gen Alliance Management; Moving your Organization to Ecosystem Performance Excellence

2:30 PM–3:30 PM

Free Pre-Conference Workshop

Facilitators and ASAP Education Provider Partners:
Annick De Swaef, CSAP
Managing Partner

Lynda McDermott, CA-AM
EquiPro International

Digitalization, public/private expansion, and complex multi-partner and ecosystem networks who are changing the rules continue to push new types of cross-industry partnerships. As this movement continues to develop one might ask: Are my team's current alliance best practices future proof? Should my alliance team acquire new skills? What about my organization, are we ready to manage partnerships within our complex ecosystems?

Discover how ASAP's newly launched in-company team training and combination CA-AM certification helps you introduce additional best practices that strengthen your company's capabilities to expand its alliance portfolio into new areas of value creation. The workshop will provide an overview of the extended offering, complete with live demonstration of experiential tools and case studies.